Orders Recieved after December 9, 2021  not guarenteed for Christmas delivery


The perfect way to capture any beloved pet. Please enter your email in the box on this page when adding to your cart; this will be used so that the artist can contact you to discuss the details of your portrait. 


Things to note:

  • Once your order is placed, the artist will contact you within 24 hours to discuss details of your order
  • 8"x8" print ( larger sizes available, see below)
  • Please be aware it may take 3-6 weeks before your portrait arrives; each portrait is hand-drawn, then printed and shipped to you. Wait time may vary based upon the number of orders placed ahead of yours.

Custom Pet Portrait 1 Pet


    Custom Pet Portraits 

    8"x8" Gallery wrapped canvas or Giclee Print: 

    $76.00 - 1 pet

    $136.00- 2 pets

    Payment is due upon ordering. I will send you a proof before sending to print, to be sure you are happy with your portrait.

    Each Custom Pet Portrait is hand-drawn, then printed and shipped to you. We do our best to get your portrait to you in a timely manner, however wait times may vary based upon the number of orders placed ahead of yours, how busy my printer is.

    Once you have signed off we will send your image to the printer ( if you have selected Canvas Print, please note, it takes a bit longer I we send these out to print, once we receive it back from printer, we ship to you! 

    If you select Giclee, Print, it will ship quicker as we print those in house. 

    Please note due to Covid 19, some items are delayed due to carrier issues. We apopogize in advance. 

    Additional sizes available:

    Please contact us @ zazandmo@gmail.com

    Available in Gallery wrapped Canvas, or Giclee fine art print:

    12"x12"-156.00 1 pet

    12"x12"-216.00 2 pet

    12"x12"-276.00 3 pet

    14"x14" - 179.00 1 pet

    14"x14" - 239.00 2 pet

    14"x14" - 299.00 3 pet

    16"x16'- 210.00 1 pet 

    16"x16"-270.00 2 pet

    16"x16"- 330.00 3 pet

    20"x20"-260.00 1 pet 

    20"x20"- 320.00 2 pet 

    20"x20"- 370.00 3 pet 

    Available in Gallery wrapped Canvas only:

    30"x30"- 320.00 1 pet 

    30"x30"- 370.00 2 pet

    30"x30"- 420.00 3 pet

    If you  would like more than 3 pets in a portrait, please contact us. 

    Due to the nature of the product, I don't accept returns or exchanges. 

    By purchasing a pet portrait, you agree and understand that your illustration may be published on social media or other promotional material. 


    Guidelines for an awesome portrait

    The photo you send me is the most important part of your order, The quality of the image you upload is key to the outcome of the final portrait drawn.

    Below are some tips: 

    Take a photo or choose an existing photo that is taken in good light

    • Be sure to use a smartphone or good  camera 

    • Make sure the WHOLE FACE (and Neck) is visible, no shadows and be sure photo represents true color of your pet. The Photo I receive will be eactly how I draw your pet.

    • Make sure your pet is looking directly at the camera, preferably at eye level, facing forward. Of course you may choose other positions, but your pet will be shown in that position in the final portrait. 

    • Note: Your photo should look exactly how you want your pet to look in the portrait. Collars, leashes etc, will be included in photo, unless otherwise specified. 


    To see my work and my style of drawing: